Saturday, May 18, 2013

New E-Fauna Atlas Pages: Clam Shrimps of British Columbia

 Holarctic Clam Shrimp (Lynceus brachyurus), photo by Ian Gardiner

The tiny freshwater creatures that inhabit our lakes and ponds are often 'invisible' wildlife for most of us.  But now the work of Ian Gardiner, as he samples ponds and lakes in BC, is bringing some of these species to light.  We have now added atlas pages for the two species of clam shrimps found in British Columbia:  the Holarctic Clam Shrimp (Lynceus brachyurus) and the Hookleg Clam Shrimp (Lynceus mucronatus). Clam shrimps are tiny freshwater bivalved crustaceans.  Take a peek at Ian's fabulous photo set for the Holarctic Clam Shrimp here and read Ian's introductions to our two clam shrimp species.

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