Friday, January 31, 2014

Featured Photographer: Nigel Tate, Portrait Artist


There are nearly a thousand photographers contributing to E-Fauna and E-Flora BC. Some send beautiful illustrations of a species, some send good habitat shots and illustrative work, and some send in photographic captures of rare species or wildlife in action, including bathing black bears. One photographer, though, contributes what can only be called wildlife portraits and these are invaluable additions to E-Fauna BC.  This is the work by Nigel Tate, a BC photographer whose work on local birds (eagles, herons, loons, hawks, hummers and more) gives insight into their lives.  Whether it's fishing herons, or hungry gulls, the results of Nigel's work are captivating.   The sequence of heron photos below illustrates what we mean.


Nigel not only takes 'photos', but also uses these to produce bird art that is really stunning as the example below shows. 

View Nigel's photos on E-Fauna BC here.
View Nigel's photos on Flickr here.
View Nigel's bird art photos on Flickr here.

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