Saturday, March 21, 2015

Aaron Baldwin, Marine Invertebrate Editor, E-Fauna BC

Marine biologist Aaron Baldwin has agreed to take on the role of marine invertebrate editor for E-Fauna BC.  An Alaskan Fisheries biologist and marine taxonomist, Aaron has been functioning as editor since the project began in 2007. He has compiled checklists for many marine species groups, updated nomenclature, investigated new species occurrences, and has been handling photo identifications on an ongoing basis. 

Aaron juggles his work on E-Fauna BC with other projects and with his work as a fisheries biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game where he works on the Groundfish Project for Southeast Alaska and Yakutat.  Groundfish Project manages and performs research for groundfish fisheries in Southeast Alaska from the Canadian border to the Yakutat area.

Aaron has produced an online guide to seashore animals of southeast Alaska (read more here).

Read Aaron's profile on our blog here.

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