Sunday, June 18, 2017

Checklist of the Bees of British Columbia, 2017, Now Available

Thanks to the extensive scientific work of entomologists Cory Sheffield and Jennifer Heron, a checklist of the Bees of British Columbia is now available on E-Fauna BC. This includes all genera of bees found in the province, including Colletes, Hylaeus, Andrena, Osmia and Bombus.  This checklist will eventually be replaced by one that will include a detailed introduction to the bees by these authors. 

E-Fauna BC presently provides several checklists for the Order Hymenoptera, including those for ants, bumblebees, speciform wasps, spider wasps, and yellow jackets and paper wasps.  However, we do not yet provide checklists for all groups in the Hymenoptera.

View checklists on our checklists page.

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