Tuesday, June 12, 2018

More Bird Information on E-Fauna BC: 2018

The Birds of British Columbia sections on E-Fauna have just been expanded, thanks to the efforts of expert birders Rick Toochin, Jamie Fenneman,  Mitch Meredith, Louis Haviland, Don Cecile, Peter Hamel, Margo Hearne, Martin Williams, Paul Baker and Dave Baker. This includes updated checklists of species on our checklists page, more than thirty new articles on the vagrant birds of BC (see home page menu) and new articles on other bird species in BC.  Discussions are provided on hypothetical species, introduced species, and extinct species.  New articles that have been added include Eurasian Skylark, Eastern Bluebird, Great Black-backed Gull, and more. These articles are extensive and provide documentation of all records for a vagrant species in BC, documentation of species introductions and successes or failures, and discussion of species that hypothetically occur here.  There is more to come as Rick and others write about definitions of status and more.

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