Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bumble Bees on E-Fauna BC

As of September 2020, Maria Leung has taken on editing the bumble bee section on E-Fauna BC. Maria is a wildlife biologist in the Yukon who has  built considerable knowledge of bumble bees and other bee species.  She says: "My work as a wildlife biologist is long and varied, spanning a range of taxonomic groups (mammals, birds, aquatic fauna, insects) and ecosystems (arctic, taiga, boreal, BC interior forest and alpine, coastal).  The common thread through these different studies is the deep interest in wild species in their native habitats and the concern for their ability to persist through the stresses imposed by anthropomorphic change."  

Our reviewers and editors are important to E-Fauna BC and bring important species and ecological knowledge to their work. 

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