Friday, June 11, 2021

Mapping Updates and New Maps: Hoofed Mammals, Marine Mammals

Our mapping update is now underway and we are working through each group to bring in data layers for collections and observations.  This will be ongoing for a few weeks. 

This week, new maps have been provided for marine mammals and hoofed mammals.  Until now, we had no maps for marine mammals, and no E-Fauna BC interactive maps for hoofed mammals (research maps only).  Marine mammal data is captured during a search of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) and of other databases where available, including the VertNet Consortium.  Hoofed mammal data is captured from these and others, including the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the BC Conservation Data Center and the Royal BC Museum (RBCM).  Note that zooming out on the interactive maps will provide a global view of distribution.   Visit the interactive maps to view the colour-coded legend.

For hoofed mammals, our interactive maps do not separate subspecies, however this information is provided in the static research range maps. 

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