Sunday, April 28, 2013

Incoming vascular plant species in BC: photo call

 Common snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus), photo by Diane Williamson

We are presently seeking photos for the provincial list of non-established vascular plants in BC. This list is compiled by Frank Lomer, research associate with the University of British Columbia Herbarium, with input from the BC Flora Committee, and is available on E-Flora BC.  Photos submissions of species on this list are welcome.

Non-established species in BC are species that have been confirmed in the province growing outside of cultivation, but are not yet fully naturalized (reproducing wild populations). They are often garden escapes (flowers and herbs).  The list is intended as a watch list for these species. Many could become invasive as they become established and quick management action may be needed to control this.

To view the list,  go to the link on the E-Flora home page (just under the search boxes) for NON-ESTABLISHED species, or go directly to the list using this link:

Examples of non-established species include many familiar species, such as garlic, potato, common snapdragon, peanut and Mexican poppy.  Check the list--perhaps you have these species growing in your garden, or have seen them in a neighbourhood park or community garden.  Establishing a good photo set for them will aid in recognition, and allow us to watch for them.

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