Thursday, April 25, 2013

Land Snails and Slugs Now Being Updated

 Oregon Forestsnail (Allogona townsendiana), photo by Robert Forsyth

In addition to working on his own web site (, land snail expert Robert Forsyth is currently updating the land snail and slug pages on E-Fauna BC.  This includes expanded species descriptions, habitat information and distribution information.  The updating is ongoing, and the following species have now been updated: 

Pacific Sideband (Monadenia fidelis)
Grovesnail (Cepaea nemoralis)
Idaho Forestsnail (Allogona ptychophora)
Oregon Forestsnail  (Allogona townsendiana)

Visit the Land Snail photo gallery to view Robert's scientific photo illustrations of BC's land snails.  Visit to learn more about Land Snails of Canada and BC.

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